Why Get Covered

We get it.  You’re young and have a lot on your plate.  Work, friends, school, family, etc.  Getting health insurance may not always be at the top of your list, but it is essential.  Things happen.  And no one is invincible without health insurance.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Covered

Reason #1.  For Your Health

You’re young, but you’re not invincible.  If you are injured or get sick, quality medical care can save and drastically improve your life.  Medical care makes a huge difference in how you feel, and in how quickly you get back to the things that matter to you after an accident or illness.  Health insurance can also help you avoid health concerns before they become major problems, by providing low-cost preventive care and check-ups with your doctor.

Reason #2.  In Case You Get Hit By A Bus

Sure you’re healthy and active right now.  But nobody expects a freak accident that sends you to the hospital.  You don’t want to be bankrupted by bills from an accident or an unexpected medical problem.  If you need a prescription drug, regular check ups, or ongoing care, those costs can also add up.  Take a look at how much a few common health issues would cost without insurance:

Hospitalization for Asthma $12,496 Fractured Rib $12,000
Torn ACL   $9,220 Hospitalization for Diabetes $24,843

Not sure about you, but a hospital bill over $1,000 would cause quite a few financial issues for most young adults.

Reason #3.  Because Now It’s Affordable.

Joining your parent’s plan is among the least expensive of all insurance options for families. Extending coverage until age 26 will make insurance affordable for millions of young Americans.  Buying a plan in the individual market can also make financial sense.  Up to a hundred bucks a month for coverage is a lot less expensive than an unexpected bill for $10,000 right?

Reason #4.  For Your Family.

Starting a family? Staying healthy matters more than ever.  The typical prenatal care and a hospital birth together cost $9,562 without insurance.  Of course, having health insurance will also let your parents breathe a sigh of relief to know that you’re taken care of.

Reason #5. Cause It’s The Right Thing To Do

Getting covered is about taking personal responsibility for your health and financial well-being.  It’s about being an independent adult and protecting yourself.  We all must do our part so society can devote its resources to those truly in need.  If you have the option, you should take advantage of it.

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