College Plans

Since the passage of health care reform, Young Invincibles has advocated that college students receive the same basic protections and benefits as all Americans. In March, the Department of Health and Human Services released finalized regulations that promise to improve health insurance for as many as 3 million students on college health plans.

As of August 1st, your school’s health plan offers some major changes. Student health insurance plans are now regulated like all other insurance plans.  In the past, the limited scope of student health insurance left many students deciding between going into debt or staying sick. When 2014 rolls around, it won’t matter how sick you get or how expensive your medical treatments will be, you’ll be covered by your student plan.

  • Student plans are now required to raise their annual cap on prescription drugs and general health coverage to $100,000, meaning they can’t cut off paying anything up to that amount if you get really sick.
  •   Student plans allow you to get free annual exams, free breast exams and free STD testing and free birth control.
  • The price of your plan may fluctuate. Some have gone slightly down because insurance now must spend 80 percent of your premiums on care, not profit.  Others have gone slightly up because they didn’t cover much before.

Student Health Centers: Even if you don’t have a student health insurance plan, your school fees often give you access to the services your student health center provides.

  • Regardless of whether or not you have health insurance, find out what services your health center provides and compare to off-campus services.
  • Many health centers offer checkups, basic services and STD testing all for a small fee.
  • Many of these centers also offer health  & wellness information and nutrition trainings.

About 4.5 million young Americans get their insurance through college health plans. They are a significant part of our health care safety net. Check out our Getting Covered toolkit for more info about getting on your college health insurance plan.

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