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If you want to see what we’re up to on health care education, check out our Getting Covered campaign. We have also developed a a health care mobile application to educate young adults about their health care options.

YI got its start with the fight for health care reform. Joint Press ConferenceOur campaign was Y.I. Want Change, a national coalition of over 20 organizations representing over one million young Americans across the country.

ObamaSigningWe launched the coalition at a press conference with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, where she introduced the dependent coverage provision that now benefits millions of young Americans and their families. The press conference was the culmination of a lobby day organized by our coalition that brought young Americans from 40 states to the Capitol to push for one set of policies. In some ways, it was the birth of Young Invincibles.

Over the many long months fighting for health care reform, YI collected the stories of over 1,200 young Americans from around the country. We heard them say over and over again that they were not invincible without health care. We were inspired by those stories. We hope we played a small part in helping to make their lives a little more stable and secure.

You can hear videos of young Americans telling their own stories on our YouTube channel.


Last year, Young Invincibles’ primary campaign was the Campaign for Young America, designed to help give young adults a voice in identifying specific solutions to the opportunity challenges facing our generation and country. We believe it is our generation’s responsibility to not only describe the problems, but to use all our skills, insights, passion and hard work to create the way forward on issues ranging from jobs, to higher education, to health care.

The Campaign for Young America website was the central hub for information and engagement with the campaign. In March 2012, YI hosted a National Youth Bus Tour across the country, with dozens of youth roundtables discussions, events on campuses and off, and direct action bringing the voices of young adults to our political leaders. The bus tour visited 20 states, 42 cities, and 43 campuses nationwide. This summer, we presented the culmination and synthesis of the youth roundtables, a coherent, specific agenda on federal policy in our Young American Ideas Book.


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