Health Help Mississippi, Young Invincibles Launch Mobile Health Care App

November 8, 2012
Rae Roca

Health Help Mississippi, Young Invincibles Launch Mobile Health Care App

[JACKSON, MS] – Health Help Mississippi has partnered with Young Invincibles to launch “Your Health Care Finder,” a mobile application that allows users to find health care services in their area, search for doctors by category or location, provides answers to frequently asked questions about health care reform, and includes a guide for health insurance terminology.

“Changes to health care in the coming year are going to affect a lot of young people from Mississippi,” said Brian Burrell, State Outreach and Policy Coordinator at Young Invincibles. “With so many new health care and coverage options, it’s important that young people know what’s going to be available to them and also for them to know the best place to get that care.”

Traci Grubb, Senior Community Outreach Coordinator for Health Help Mississippi said, “We are thrilled to be working with Young Invincibles on this important project. Educating young Mississippians on the new ways they can get covered is so important to the entire state. This mobile app is exactly the kind of creativity we need in our state to help reach young adults.”

To download the app, visit iTunes or Google Play store and search “Your Health Care Finder Mississippi,” or visit
For more information, visit

Young Invincibles and Health Help Mississippi will launch the app at a series of events throughout Mississippi this weekend. Contact Rae Roca at 202.378.3526 for more information about the events.

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One thought on “Health Help Mississippi, Young Invincibles Launch Mobile Health Care App

  1. Preventative medicine is the best cure! Help insure our young so they don’t fall behind due to un-diagnosed illness, like mine, Lupus (SLE).

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